Shape For U™ Latex Steel Boned

Product image 1Shape For U™ Latex Steel Boned
Product image 2Shape For U™ Latex Steel Boned
Product image 3Shape For U™ Latex Steel Boned

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Are you uncomfortable with the shape of your body?
Do you sometimes look at tight clothes thinking you wouldn't look good in them?

Never again with this shapewear garment from Shape For U™!

This waist trainer from Shape For U™ instantly flattens your tummy and lifts your boobs to make you look more feminine. It reduces (chronical) back pain and helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite and making you sweat more when exercising, while being comfortable.

Try it now and look forward to shop for clothes again!

Why you'll love it:

Experience instant and long term benefits:

  • Instantly flattened tummy
  • Instant back pain relief
  • Reduced appetite
  • Prevents muffin top
  • Lifts your boobs
  • Weight loss

The Shape For U™ Waist Trainer is effective against:

  • Tummy rolls and love handles
  • Back pain
  • Clothes that won't fit


  • You’ll get instant results as soon as you put on this shapewear and you can even see long lasting results after daily usage.
  • You don’t even have to wear it for a long time to be able to see the results up to several hours after taking it off.
  • Wear it while working, exercising, relaxing or even sleeping – no need to disrupt your daily schedule.

How does it work?

This waist trainer is made from 100% real latex. The firm fabric reduces impurities and fat around your waist, while strengthening your core and posture.
The heat that is generated when exercising while wearing the waist trainer makes you sweat more and mobilizes your fat.
The compression of the waist trainer causes less appetite, which in turn means that you will eat smaller portions. Because of this your metabolism will receive extra stimulation and will be accelerated for long lasting weight loss results.

Who is it for?

If you’re not happy with your waistline or tummy, want to give your weight loss journey a boost or suffer from (chronical) back pain then this waist trainer is perfect for you.

It’s been designed to keep your waistline and tummy in shape, to improve weight loss, and to help relieve pain in your back caused by a bad posture or injuries.
It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to lose weight and getting that hourglass figure
Material: Latex | 25 Steel Bones


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